September 28, 2004

How fast is your Intenet connection?

The bandwidth speed test at MSN is a handy tool to check your connection speed.

This site will tell you how fast your connection really is. I've been in libraries whose T1 line was slower than a 56k dialup modem. I have a DSL line where I work (my home) and this tool just told me I'm getting 1139 kbps (of course, I'm the only person using this bandwidth) -- which is about what I should be getting. Does your library really provide high bandwidth access?

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August 02, 2004

For those who buy from the web

    PayPal and why i like it.
  • An easy login just a couple of clicks and you're finished with your purchase.
  • I keep a couple hundred dollar balance (easy transfer from checking account) and don't have to deal with a credit card, which is usually too much work filling out forms and I'm still not completely trusting with who I give my credit card number to.
  • I also like that they provide good consumer education about shopping on the web.
What I often use PayPal for is to support some of the fine reference resources I use such as Tara Calashain's ResearchBuzz Extra, Marylaine Block's Ex Libris (actually I use her Amazon Honor System link -- another efficient source if you trust with your credit card, which I do), Rory Litwin's Library Juice, Walt Crawford's Cites & Insights, a PDF version of The Google Guide, Urban Legends Reference Pages, Scott's Newsletter, Neat Net Tricks, etc. If had a Paypal option I'd give to support it, too.
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August 01, 2004

Spam from friends and relatives?

This is the site I refer my relatives to when I get one too many forwarded hoaxes -- often sent along by my relative as gospel to everyone in their mailbox. Maintained by amateur folklorists Barbara and David Mikkelson, Urban Legends Reference Pages (aka will usually confirm that the forwarded email you just got is a hoax. Helps save on looking like a fool for forwarding that email hoax along.

Named by Time magazine in March 2002 and again in June 2003 as one of the 50 Best Web Sites, contains thousands of articles about urban legends, Internet lore, odd news stories, strange facts, common misconceptions, superstitions, unusual word origins, and little-known yet fascinating tidbits of history.

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July 11, 2004

Web ranking tool

This little tool et Google PageRank, Yahoo! Backlinks, & Alexa traffic rating with one search and no cookies.

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