December 28, 2004

xmas '04

I've been out and about the past couple of weeks. Occasions were an Infopeople staff meeting at Joan's home in Sacramento, sitting on the front porch watching (along with a squirrel) Sally string lights on our maple and apple trees, back to Sacramento to have Christmas with the McCulloughs, and over to Bob, Francisca, and Frederic's for day after cheese and desserts. The hip seems to be healing well. I'm rather impatiently awaiting my x-ray and surgeon visit on January 5.

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December 16, 2004

Another view of the war

Baghdad Journal contains dispatches and art from artist Steve Mumford and Iraqi artists he met. The period covered is from August 19-October 5, 2004. From a NY Times article.

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December 14, 2004

Off the couch and into the sky!

balloons.jpg Check out the latest in extreme sports!

Ballooning into the Sky tells you everything you need to know about cluster ballooning.

You, too, can travel like Curious George.

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December 08, 2004

Bionic woman!

It's been awhile but I have an excuse. On November 12 I had my left hip replaced. I am now a member of the bionic generation. I've put photos chronicling the past few weeks in my photo gallery. So far, totally good. Jury's out until after my x-ray and check-up with the surgeon January 5 as I'm not yet allowed to put full weight on the leg (means a walker) or drive.

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