October 11, 2004

Any of my LA area friends need a house-sitter next year?

blogging.la's Best of LA - 2004 makes me want to spend some serious time there!

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October 06, 2004

Michael Chabon on Berkeley

Michael Chabon lives in Berkeley and is one of the authors who support the Berkeley Public Library. This essay, The Mysteries of Berkeley is posted on his very interesting website. It was published in a 2002 Gourmet. Check out his nicely designed home page.

This Berkeley Brown Shingle home owner thinks that he nails our town.

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October 01, 2004

If she blows Now that she has

This U.S. Park Service site is the one to remember if/when Mount St. Helens erupts again, especially if as large as last time. It opens on the webcam photo of the volcano (photo updated every 5 minutes) and links to a great deal of information on the volcano and the park. There is a link to their "Special Conditions" page for current activity, but I would advise going right to the primary source for the most current information on this volcano.

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