August 15, 2004

Being hip or connecting with your users or both, or neither?

So I wasn't sure what the LibrarianInBlack meant when she wrote "So, what's the dilly yo with women bloggers?" Nothing of much use in Google, other than finding the most common usage is "What's the dilly, yo?" The LII found 17 slang dictionaries and the 9th result, Galaxy Dictionaries directory led me to this.

The College Slang Page
We got the 411 on the hip talk in the hallowed halls. Check it out! Way Cool FAQs About College Slang: What is college slang What do we slang Why do students speak slang What's the hardest working word in college slang Wanna know more About the Project The Cal Poly Pomona Dictionaries Savvy Reading on College Slang Surfing for Slang Mini-dictionary from Da Bomb Wanna ...

Most of the words and terms in the dictionary of this project run by a Cal Poly professor were collected by her students from around the country in 1997-98. The top 20 list, tho, is up-to-date through 2003, but just from Cal Poly students. The terms and their use of them is interesting -- reflecting the community at Cal Poly? -- and the animated loading of the page is annoying.

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