August 09, 2004

A new way to avoid the draft?

A growing number of conscripts have to be dismissed from Finland's
armed forces every year due to an Internet addiction that makes them
unsuited for service. A Finnish official says: "It's an increasing problem.
More and more young people are always on the Internet day and night. They
get up around noon and have neither friends nor hobbies. When they get into
the army, it's a shock to them." There are no specific figures and the
military has yet to give the condition a proper dismissal code in its health
records. ( The Age, 4 Aug 2004) Rec'd from J Lamp

See Reuters version.

I got this from NewsScan Daily, 6 August 2004. I think I've subscribed to this mailing list more consistently and longer than any other that I read. It's underwritten by RLG and very library-supportive.

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