August 02, 2004

For those who buy from the web

    PayPal and why i like it.
  • An easy login just a couple of clicks and you're finished with your purchase.
  • I keep a couple hundred dollar balance (easy transfer from checking account) and don't have to deal with a credit card, which is usually too much work filling out forms and I'm still not completely trusting with who I give my credit card number to.
  • I also like that they provide good consumer education about shopping on the web.
What I often use PayPal for is to support some of the fine reference resources I use such as Tara Calashain's ResearchBuzz Extra, Marylaine Block's Ex Libris (actually I use her Amazon Honor System link -- another efficient source if you trust with your credit card, which I do), Rory Litwin's Library Juice, Walt Crawford's Cites & Insights, a PDF version of The Google Guide, Urban Legends Reference Pages, Scott's Newsletter, Neat Net Tricks, etc. If had a Paypal option I'd give to support it, too. Posted by leita at August 2, 2004 02:17 PM to category Efficiency