June 01, 2004

New (to me) mouse tutorial

The Mouse Skills tutorial at the Highland Park (IL) library is very nicely done. And, at the end, they refer the user to an old favorite, Mouserobics, from the Central Kansas Library System.

I've been teaching the public basic computer and Internet use two Sundays a month at my local public library since I retired from there (yes, I retire a lot) in 1997. My bar-none favorite mouse tutorial program is the one that came with the Gates grants machines which my library got about three years ago. The worst time in my teaching these volunteer classes was when I came in one Sunday to find the machines reconfigured and the mouse tutorial gone! It took me six months of nagging to get the program back on. It's a great tutorial and available to any library providing public access computers. You can get the most beginning computer user to do it and they come out the other end of the 15 minute tutorial with a much better understanding of how the mouse and how windows work. You, of course, need to install it on a Windows operating system. I've installed it on my personal laptop to show folks when I'm out and about.

Available in English and Spanish at Adding the Mouse Tutorial to Your Other Public Access Computers.

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