July 19, 2004

Medical Metasearch Engine

This new resource looks like a keeper. I'm facing a hip replacement and have been doing some extensive research on the web. A search or two on this new engine has found great material I'd not yet found.

OmniMedicalSearch.com, a medical metasearch engine, has launched. Targeted for both the general public and medical professionals, OmniMedicalSearch.com covers 25 databases including medical search engines, image libraries, and health and medical news. OmniMedicalSearch.com search options include: 12 Medical Search Engines (Default Search); eight Health and Medical News Sources; five Medical Image Libraries; MedPro Search for medical professionals; Basic Search for the general public; Related Search Options; Single Site Search Focus; and One-Click Dictionary look up. [from EContent]
Posted by leita at July 19, 2004 07:45 AM to category Ready Reference